Powerball Autostart MultiLight Counter

  • Beschrijving
  • Powerball Multilight met Teller 
  • Multi Light – rood/blauw.
  • Gepatenteerde automatische start/autostart.
  • vanaf 1.000 omwentelingen begint de Powerball rood te branden.
  • tussen 4.000 tot 7.500 omwentelingen per minuut ontstaat een mix van rood en blauw.
  • vanaf 7.500 omwentelingen brandt de Powerball Neon blauw.

Your original Powerball® Multi Light shines during training thanks to a dynamo integrated in the rotor. You generate up to 16 kg training weight “on the side” – but the rotor, which weighs only 200 g, is already effective with a smaller rotation.

The special feature of the Powerball® Multi Light is the changing color of the LED integrated in the rotor – depending on the rotation of the rotor: from red to red-blue mixed to just blue, the Multi Light shows the power just generated.

The Powerball® has an excellent rotational stability, as each piece is electronically balanced. Its steel axle and housing made of unbreakable ABS plastic ensure stability, while the non-slip rubber grip strap provides a secure hold during training

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